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  1. Music makes us active. We are going to move, tap a toe, clap a hand; some might even ♫♪♫ Do a little dance, make a little love, get down to night, baby. ♫ ♪♬♬ (KC and the Sunshine Band.)

  2. Music can change a mindset. You can go from a headspace of not wanting to be bothered or crabbiness to happy feelings. ♬♫♪ These happy feelings, I’ll spread them all over the world. ♬♫♪ (Frankie Beverly and Maze.)

  3. Music stimulates memory. Attending a live music event is to the brain what going to the gym is to the body. So, I’ve been told; and I believe it’s true. Music can bring about a good memory, a special moment from a time gone by. ♫♪♬ Memories, Sweet, Sweet Memories of love we shared…♬♪♫. (The Temptations.) OK, some memories are sad…lol…but they are still special.

  4. Music is relaxing. The fun of a good time listening to music helps the body relax. It provides the relaxation that can induce a good night’s sleep. How about “Breezin”, a Bobby Womack composed song…really, Bobby Womack? Breezin was made popular by George Benson. Instrumental. Easy listening.

  5. ♫♪♬ It’s so much better, baby, the second time around. ♬♪♫ Remember when you enjoyed music and other social events. You were young; and fun was a priority. But then adulthood forced itself upon you. Well, now that you have been there and done that; fun is once again an option. Again, I’ve been told, and I believe it’s true; that like love, “going out”, is so much better the second time around. ♬♪♫ I know you have come a long way, Baby. But you don’t need (to stay at home) …. ♫♪♬ (Shalamar)

  6. Lastly, and quite importantly, it’s an inexpensive cure to many ailments. Many studies provide support to the roles both music and social interactions play in physical and mental health as we age. ♫♪♬Here is why. Because (you’re) happy. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Because (you’re) happy and that’s what you want to do…Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. ♬♪♫ (Pharrell)

These are my top 6 reasons. You probably have at least 50 more. Let’s pursue an active fun life while enjoying and attending music events, performed by local artists in our very own community. 

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