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Last weekend my beautiful daughter and I got all dressed up and went to see Maxwell. While we don’t agree on some things, Maxwell is not one of those things. He was all one could hope for. I just wished that I had a lil bit mo’ of him.

Even inside a sizeable commercial event center like at the Hard Rock Café Arena, Maxwell has such a sexy, smooth, and intimate vibe. Except for when he yelled “hey you up there in the back, at the top.” Those in the back at the top were on their feet, groovin. But that’s Maxwell! Not every artist can bring the intimacy of a small joint to a big stage.

Small live music venues are cozy and intimate. The vibe is familiar, like being with family, or that special someone. The band and the crowd share the same space; engage in personal conversation where the artists speak in music language. You know like sign language, but with music. It sounds real. It feels good. It’s REAL GOOD.

I just wish that I had lil bit mo’ of it.

Don’t you?

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