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Live Music is a way of life..

Live Music is an experience. Anywhere. It doesn’t require a Woodstock-styled festival to experience live music. The cultural celebration festival, Made in America, is amazing, I am sure. But the intoxicating effect of live music on the spirit has little to do with crowd size.

A small room with an enthusiastic R&B band is a mood booster. Whether you are still lit from the excitement of your week-long celebration (including when your favorite team wins the Super Bowl on YOUR BIRTHDAY); or you are a little worn by the craziness of a rainy day (that includes sad news about a family friend); live music is lifting.

Listening to the upbeat energetic soulful sounds of the Blend Band, a local R&B gem, with lead vocalist Robin; is an experience that brings a happy feeling into an otherwise flat Saturday night. The setting was in a small red banquet room in Seafood Haven restaurant, a wonderful Willingboro spot run by a great guy named Anthony. It’s not just a Saturday night, but a funtastic moment in time.

Hanging out at a local sports bar on a Thursday open mic night can be quite a pleasurable, mood swaying experience, especially when the music comes from the sounds of cool ass jazz players. Jazz works anywhere. The host, saxophonist Ron Bass, who can play any genre, it seems, belongs somewhere else, on a big stage. But on 4th Thursday nights, he brings the experience of open mic night at 45th Street Pub. Love all that Jazz.

They say, it’s never too late to go home. A little “jook” joint in my hometown of Greenville, in the MS delta, proves that to be true. It’s my childhood friend, Levi’s place, that has no name (or revenue stream it However, it does have a mourner’s bench. It’s where he and his music loving band members and friends bring some down-home blues to the house. You just kind of wang dang doodle all night long up in there. Can’t wait to go home again. (40th HS reunion, here I come!)

Live music. Anywhere.

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